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Your Cyber Security Job Opportunity

About the Job

wizlynx group, with the founding core of our company headquartered in Switzerland since 1992, is an ethical, trustworthy, and vendor agnostic global Cyber Security provider. Our vision is to be a best-in-class global Cyber Security company, enabling customers to focus on their core business by providing high-quality, value added and innovative Cyber Security services.

As Junior Cyber Security Incident Responder, you will participate in a variety of incident response engagement, conducting hands-on analysis to identify the type and extent of cyber-attacks as well as provide recommendations to eradicate and recover from the incident.

You will play a major role with our customers and work closely with our business partners and technical teams, having a main mission of stopping attacks, identifying root causes, and helping our customers safely recover and restore operations.


Job Summary and Mission

This position contributes to the success of wizlynx group by performing the following:

  • Actively respond to requests & regularly update customers within defined SLAs
  • Perform first customer contact to identify the type of security incident and provide initial recommendations.
  • Investigate and follow through on IT security incidents in a geographically distributed environment, considering all relevant technical and non-technical stakeholders during all phases of the incident
  • Assist with security incident response activities including executing playbooks, gathering and reviewing data, and incident remediation       
    • Find trends, patterns, or anomaly correlations utilizing security-relevant data.
    • Conduct analysis to isolate indicators of compromise.
    • Perform vulnerability assessments & audits to validate compliance with computer security policy.
    • Conduct log analysis to identify malicious activity and anomalous behavior.
    • Conducting malware analysis
  • Work closely with partners to coordinate work during containment, eradication, and recovery phases
  • Track progress and completion of incident response cases, coordinating with billing team to ensure payments are collected


Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Cyber Security or related field
  • 1+ years of experience in the Information Technology field (equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree) is an asset
  • Good knowledge of Hacker Tools and Techniques, as well as Incident Handling methodologies
  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP Networking and OSI layer model
  • Expertise across a variety of security products including firewalls, URL filtering, information security and virus protection
  • A basic understanding of windows server domain infrastructure as well as desktop windows administration.
  • Working knowledge of log files from a variety of sources, to include individual host logs, network traffic logs, firewall logs, web logs, or intrusion prevention logs
  • Working knowledge of diverse operating systems, networking protocols, systems administration and security technologies
  • Experience with packet analysis (Wireshark) and Malware analysis


Language Skills

  • Good German, French, and English technical communication skills (written and oral). Italian is a plus.


Ideal Skills and Added Experience

  • Team oriented
  • Flexible attitude, reliable
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills with the ability to de-construct problems
  • Being proactive, independent, and able to take decisions when facing challenges
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Proactive and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong customer service skills and decision-making skills


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